Introducing Jack


Once upon a time

Jack regularly took a late morning cup of coffee at a small table squeezed onto the sidewalk outside the Boulangerie de Paris, an establishment known more for its location than for its coffee or baked goods.

That Tuesday was unusual in that he was approached by a stunningly beautiful young lady who laughed as she pointed out that her dress was made of the same material as his lightweight blazer. She suggested joining him so that they could impress the passers-by with their sartorial splendour.

Suspecting a trap, Jack swiftly sprang to his feet and hit her over the head with the stale baguette that was the usual accompaniment to his coffee. He then made his escape by ducking through the fast-moving traffic, intending to lose himself in the crowds of tourists around the nearby Eiffel Tower.

His last thought as he was crushed by a large DAF truck carrying tulip bulbs was that he probably wasn’t the hero in a spy thriller after all.

Moral: Sometimes that double-O is just the beginning of OOPS.