Howlin’ Wolf : (“The Rockingchair Album”)

Today’s album of the day is Howlin’ Wolf, aka “The Rockingchair Album” by Howlin’ Wolf

The Blues found me in 1962 with this album. I couldn’t afford to buy an album back then so I bought the EP instead – it had all my favourite tracks anyway. While I bought the album later, I still have that EP fifty years later, one of the very few things I brought with me when I emigrated that I still have.

My favourite tracks:

  • Smokestack Lightnin’
  • Howlin’ for My Baby
  • Going Down Slow
  • You’ll Be Mine
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Bonus Day: I didn’t post an Album of the Day yesterday as I was on the road all day driving to and from Toronto to pick up John via a stop in Markam to visit Kate and Nolan (and Leah and Grant.) I was driving Steph & John’s Subaru so I had Sirius XM channel 070 (BB King’s Bluesville) on for most of the trip, and I’m musically back to my early Blues days. My Twofer is a pair of early Howlin’ Wolf albums.

Aside: My favourite lyric heard yesterday was from Doug MacLeod’s song $50 Wig … “Don’t let the door hit you where the dog shoulda bit you.