Dauphine Electrics

Historical anecdote:
Feel Good Cars was formed around the turn of the century to convert Renault Dauphines to electric power and market them as “Dauphine Electrics”. The company later became ZENN and sold a new model, a NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle), based on a rolling shell from Microcar of Europe. They ceased vehicle production around 2010.

Founder Ian Clifford brought the Dauphine Electric that had been at the 2001 Toronto Auto Show to my house in Toronto in June that year for me to have a test drive. I was very impressed with the car, driving around my Beach neighbourhood and for a quick run up the Don Valley Parkway at highway speeds. Sadly the 80-mile range was insufficient for my needs (as a software consultant, I was regularly making 100-150 mile trips to clients), and the $22,500 price was too steep for a hobby car.