Watched Secret State on UK Netflix the other day – 4 episodes (3 hours) in one sitting. Depressingly realistic.

secret state
Here’s a suitably gloomy look at the British seat of government. Does anyone believe that a successful politician is anything but a self-serving elitist? When it comes to politics, nice guys don’t even get in the game because they don’t have the necessary financial backing.
Target time 3:56

Superior cop drama from the Beeb with plenty of twists as the anti-corruption unit investigates a popular and successful DCI played by Lennie James. Filmed in scenic Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.

Line of Duty

A former New York mobster testifies against a Mafia boss, enters the witness protection program, and relocates to Norway based purely on his impressions from watching the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer on TV.
Steven Van Zandt is perfect as a man in a completely foreign environment who copes by doing what he does best. His guitar playing in the soundtrack isn’t too shabby either. Great characters and truly funny.

His way or Norway.