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Coronation Street

Pretty much how I view Coronation Street lately in my Love|Hate relationship with it … source: Twitter Online jigsaw target time 5:08

Crime and Punishment

Another puzzle featuring one of my favourite cartoon characters … Crime and Punishment … source: Facebook – Wallace and Gromit Online jigsaw target time 5:35

Salsa Celtica

Jan and I watched Driving Lessons on Netflix last night, and I was taken by some of the music … I followed up today and now I’m a firm fan of Salsa Celtica, where Afro Latin Salsa meets Scottish and

The Imitation Game : Movie

I’m really looking forward to seeing The Imitation Game, a movie telling the story of Alan Turing’s development of the Bombe that was used to break the German Enigma Code during WWII. The first trailer for the movie is below,

Politicians Under A Cloud

Watched Secret State on UK Netflix the other day – 4 episodes (3 hours) in one sitting. Depressingly realistic. Here’s a suitably gloomy look at the British seat of government. Does anyone believe that a successful politician is anything but