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Sausage Rolls

No store has sausage rolls on their shelves or in their freezers, so it’s time to go into baking mode. This is a simple basic recipe that is improved by substituting a combination of 5 Bangers and 2 Hot Italian

Waking in a winter wonderland

Reindeer meets a Jaguar XJ6 … Online jigsaw target time 5:13 Source,_Martin_Stranka.jpg

Early Winter

Harrison Park 201201 … 37cm for our first snowfall of the season … Online jigsaw target time 7:13

Modern Menu Meal Mangling

Pork Wellington with Pomme Frites and a Tomato Reduction … Online jigsaw target time 4:40 source:

Dreaming of Distant Places

Painting by Rob Rowland … Online jigsaw target time 3:21