I got an Account Restriction Warning from Facebook earlier because I posted this book cover image. They’ll be burning books next if we don’t continue to question them. Wankers. I took down the post after lodging my protest, just in case the person checking the AI complaint is as uptight as the idiot that set the AI parameters in the first place.

I uploaded this slightly modified image of a light industrial workshop under a railway arch as the Facebook group header image for Grey Brits today. It is also the feature image on the place marker Grey Brits website which is only slightly less active than I am.

The moribund appearance of the workshop seemed to echo the major cutback in activities of the “club” as my declining health keeps me from so many of the things I used to like to do.

Online jigsaw target time 5:50

I had a brief rush of blood to the brain this afternoon and played around with a couple of new WordPress themes for this site.

After an hour or two of unsatisfactory results, I went back to the Responsive theme that I’ve used for a while now and satisfied my desire for change by making a few minor modifications.

Then I updated the theme to the latest version … and all hell broke loose! Now I have to fix a few glaring problems – no header image, and the blog entries have disappeared!

[… PAUSE…]

Half an hour later and I’ve got things mostly working as I want them … the WordPress update can wait for another day!

Just before noon today Facebook fell off the internet. Conspiracy theorists suggest that it has something to do with them purging shedloads of data after a 60 Minutes smack-down last night. I know that the Facebook folks aren’t the quickest to respond, but surely if that were the case they wouldn’t have waited more than 12 hours to start?

Just in case it never reappears, I’m investigating MeWe which purports to do similar things but in a good way … mewe.com/i/alanbrand1