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Anti-social commentary

Keep Out

I’m feeling a bit grumpy since my “good” knee decided to misbehave beginning Friday evening. No sleep, more than sufficient pain, and even worse than usual mobility all conspire to make me poor company at the moment. Harrumph. Keep Out

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

‘Tis the season … Hark the Herald Angels Sing … source: Toonacy Online jigsaw target time 6:22

Tragic Guinness Mishap

I’ve been tipsy with a load of Guinness on board … source: Facebook – EoBmvbb1985 Online jigsaw target time 5:17

Victorian Slum

Did someone mention that it was Patio Season? This is how I think of patios … Victorian Slum … source: Facebook – The Yesteryears Revisited Online jigsaw target time 8:04

Fearless Prediction

A friend of a friend has just asked for some advice on monetary matters on Facebook: “… do you know of a webpage that can predict where the USA Dollar will be in the Spring? How bout the Cdn $?”