Her Traciness just made a crack about school uniforms … here I am in July 1962 in the Official School Picture … I’m at approximately three-quarters from the left, 3rd row from the top …


… and for those of you with failing eyesight, here’s an inset picture showing me with my Rock ‘n’ Roll haircut and my tie reversed for that skinny look, with the fat end tucked inside my shirt. The trousers are probably pegged but luckily they can’t be seen.

EGSjul1962 inset

Nice to know I’ve still got it … in two days I’ve set up a whole new web presence for a community group that is very close to my heart. A website, Facebook page, a closed Facebook group, and their first Fundraising event.

REP-Logo Background:

The REP Group is a new local group working very hard to fill a hole in the lives of young adults with developmental disabilities who have grown too old for High School and the summer Teen Connect program.
Structure and routine are very important to these guys, and while Community Living does a grand job for them, their adult support programs tend to be short which means a lot of chopping and changing.