I’ve done my best all my life to be a Diamond Geezer* and today I may have achieved it … 75 years makes me a geezer for sure.

* “a good ‘solid’ reliable person”
http://www.LondonSlang.com/db/d/ [account required]
* “A really wonderful man, helpful and reliable; a gem of a man.”
http://www.peevish.co.uk/slang/english-slang/d.htm via

both links via http://itre.cis.upenn.edu/~myl/languagelog/archives/000642.html

Following up on my Once Upon a Time post six years ago, here’s a picture of me on the last day at Normandy Primary School in June 1958, I’m on the right end of the back row. A surprising number of our class went on to Erith Grammar School thanks to the excellent teacher, Frank Durrant.

We haven’t had an actual Christmas Tree since we first moved to Owen Sound and took possession of our house on Christmas Eve … there were no trees to be had, so we decorated Jeremy the Giraffe. Every year since then we have made it a tradition to decorate the long-suffering Jeremy, who seems to take it in good spirits.

This year I decided to add a minimalist fireplace on which to hang the stockings.

Jan just got home from helping her Mom move from the family home to a seniors’ apartment … lots of downsizing and hard work.
One of the bonuses was that she brought home her Dad’s Bing O gauge clockwork passenger train set similar to this:


… but with three Canadian Pacific Rochelle liveried coaches, like these:


Other accessories include a water tower, a signal, a station building, a tunnel, and some track. Everything appears in nice well loved condition, though sadly the original box has long gone.
We’re guessing at a date of around 1925, when he would have been 10, which seems to be confirmed by the dates of manufacture of the water tower.
I’ll post actual pictures when I feel well enough to unpack it properly and set it up, probably for the first time in 80-odd years.