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Pedal Cars

Oh how I wish that this had been my back garden when I was a lad … Pedal Cars … source: Facebook – BWoCT&DO&N Online jigsaw target time 4:45

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1951 Mercedes 220S

I know, it’s not a Brit, but this looks to be a very solid restoration project after 40 years in a barn. 1951 Mercedes 220S … US$9,500 in Nashua, New Hampshire [ ] Online jigsaw target time 5:24

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Village Street

Twofer Special … Here’s a chocolate box picture of a quiet village street in the Cotswolds, and the improved version! image source: Facebook – ClassicFM Online jigsaw target times 5:54 and 5:39 … yes, the second time is faster –

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1971 Checker Marathon

One way for me to honestly say that I ran a marathon would be to buy this 1971 Checker Marathon with only 23k miles offered for US$11,500 in Ephrata, New Jersey. [ ] Online jigsaw target time 5:35

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1940 Ford Pickup Moonshiner

There’s something about old Merkin pick-ups that I find perversely attractive … this 1940 Ford Pickup “Moonshiner”, built in 1957, is slightly lowered and has a Cadillac V8, black paint and a red interior to make a beautiful sleeper. Offered

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