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Young love

Tina was always popular with the boys … Online jigsaw target time 4:55

Chickens and Cars

Q: Why did the car go along the road? A: To get to the other end. There have been a surprising number of ads and general pictures of classic cars that have been photo-bombed by chickens … here are a

1971 Volkswagen Westfalia

This is less than 2 hours east of me (even at VW T2 Kombi van speeds) and is pristine. I’d be tempted if I didn’t remember my experiences with a similar (but green) one half a century ago … also,

Waking in a winter wonderland

Reindeer meets a Jaguar XJ6 … Online jigsaw target time 5:13 Source,_Martin_Stranka.jpg

Dauphine Electrics

Historical anecdote: Feel Good Cars was formed around the turn of the century to convert Renault Dauphines to electric power and market them as “Dauphine Electrics”. The company later became ZENN and sold a new model, a NEV (Neighborhood Electric