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Citroen 2CV Art

A selection from the Citroen 2CV Art of Dick Twinney … The Resting Place ~ Fox & 1950s 2CV Van … Online jigsaw target time 5:13 Sunny Corner ~ Citroen 2CV Azam & Rabbits … Online jigsaw target time

Thunderbird 2

It might be a 1994 Toyota Previa underneath, but … Thunderbird 2 … £34,995 in Chigwell, UK … Online jigsaw target time 5:55

Back Pain

Back Pain … Source: Practical Classics … Online jigsaw target time 5:38

1958 GMC Suburban Carryall

Confessions of a forbidden love … for $84K I might not go for this over several other choice classics, but it sure is tempting. 1958 GMC Suburban Carryall … US$63,000 in Howell, Michigan Online jigsaw target time 4:57

Meccano number 1 constructor cars

Another fabulous toy that Father Christmas never brought me when I was a lad … not cheap at the time, they go for big money these says; see this example for US$1,400 Meccano number 1 constructor cars … a –