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Thunderbird 2

It might be a 1994 Toyota Previa underneath, but … Thunderbird 2 … £34,995 in Chigwell, UK … Online jigsaw target time 5:55

Back Pain

Back Pain … Source: Practical Classics … Online jigsaw target time 5:38

1958 GMC Suburban Carryall

Confessions of a forbidden love … for $84K I might not go for this over several other choice classics, but it sure is tempting. 1958 GMC Suburban Carryall … US$63,000 in Howell, Michigan Online jigsaw target time 4:57

Meccano number 1 constructor cars

Another fabulous toy that Father Christmas never brought me when I was a lad … not cheap at the time, they go for big money these says; see this example for US$1,400 Meccano number 1 constructor cars … a –

1969 Volvo 164

If anything were to seduce me from my British Classics world, this pristine luxury Volvo might just be the one to do it. Oh to be fit enough to take on a cross-country road trip in the Spring. 1969 Volvo