screen_2014-07-23 18.42.09 Litograph condenses the text of a classic book into a single graphic relating to the story and offer the print on a poster, t-shirt, or tote bag. Nice.

Featured image : The War of the Worlds by H G Wells
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Every Litograph design emerges from the text of a book. Just as the words on the pages of your favorite novel come alive in your imagination, our products are designed to illustrate the memorable characters and scenes rooted in text and imitated on stage.

Red HarvestRed Harvest by Dashiell Hammett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Continental Op is my favourite hardboiled detective – he just gets on with the job while abusing his body in myriad ways. And then there’s Dashiell Hammett’s wonderful turn of phrase to enjoy:

“The lawyer had two rooms, both dingy, smelly, and poorly lighted. I waited in the outer one while a clerk who went well with the rooms carried my name in to the lawyer.”

After a few false starts with unreadable “new” books, I’ve decided to indulge my baser instincts and re-read some classic crime noir … my eReader is packed with more than fifty books by Dashiell Hammett, Ross Macdonald and Mickey Spillane. Bring on the hardboiled dicks and their dames!


I’m currently working my way through the 10 books (so far) in this series about a detective with the Brighton police; DCI and DCS as the series progresses. A pretty good read, though he does have a few repetitious bits that keep reappearing (just in case you missed the earlier books?) that I skip. The very good plots keep me reading. The “dead” part of every title gives a clue to the type of enquiry.

screen_2014-04-27 15.13.13

“The world is a dangerous place (…) There will always be blurred boundaries. There are plenty of good bad guys and bad good guys. Life’s not clear and it’s seldom fair (…) I don’t want our child growing up under the illusion that it is. Shit happens.”

― Peter James, Dead Like You