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Roy Grace series by Peter James

I’m currently working my way through the 10 books (so far) in this series about a detective with the Brighton police; DCI and DCS as the series progresses. A pretty good read, though he does have a few repetitious bits

Mirabelle Bevan Mystery series by Sara Sheridan

Retired Secret Service agent Mirabelle Bevan takes a job at a debt collection agency and solves mysteries set in Brighton and London in the early 1950s. The trilogy is made up of Brighton Belle, London Calling, England Expects. [ quotation

John Russell Series by David Downing

An excellent 6 volume story that manages to give some personal perspectives of wartime civilian life wrapped around the travails of an Anglo-American, ex-Communist, reporter living in Nazi Germany and surviving by acting as a spy for all sides. Each

Light Reading

Much as I’d like to read Colin Chapman: Inside the Innovator by Karl Ludvigsen, it appears to be available in hard cover only, and $40+ is beyond my budget. [Amazon] Perhaps the publishers could follow Mr. Chapman’s lead and remove

It’s a funny old world.

    Neal Thompson’s biography of Robert Ripley, A Curious Man, promises to be a worthwhile read. Ripley traveled all over the world in search of oddities for his Believe It or Not cartoons and radio shows, and amassed a fortune