Category: 12 Bars Blue

Reminiscences of times in pubs – the often warped story of my life in flashbacks.

The Unsung Snug

There’s nothing as nice as an afternoon in the snug, it’s like having your own private pub. Quiet Snug in a Pub … Online jigsaw target time 5:58

Closing Time

Those were the days! … online jigsaw target time 4:41

Left Luggage Room

I do like a small, friendly pub … the Left Luggage Room, a micropub in the former left luggage room at Monkseaton Station in North Tyneside … source: the guardian Online jigsaw target time 6:30

12 Bars Blue

I’m trying an experiment … It is beyond dispute that many of the highlights of my life appear to have happened in, or because of, my affinity for the pub. Before I forget absolutely everything, I’m going to jot down