Spraht Sarnie

I’ve been known to concoct some very odd sandwiches in my time, but I’ve never come up with something like this leftover brussels sprouts and walnuts offering.
Source – Guardian Food … https://www.theguardian.com/food/2019/dec/24/christmas-leftovers-four-sandwich-recipes-dusty-knuckle
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Brand Family Christmas 2019

We haven’t had an actual Christmas Tree since we first moved to Owen Sound and took possession of our house on Christmas Eve … there were no trees to be had, so we decorated Jeremy the Giraffe. Every year since then we have made it a tradition to decorate the long-suffering Jeremy, who seems to take it in good spirits.

This year I decided to add a minimalist fireplace on which to hang the stockings.

On the road to Thoiry, 1970

I will never understand the French …
On the road to Thoiry, 1970 … Source – Flashback on Facebook … https://www.facebook.com/flashbak/posts/1179082718967481
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Corgi Butt Bread

I wonder if the Queen is amused? … source Boing-Boing … https://boingboing.net/2019/12/11/holiday-baking-inspo-corgi-bu.html
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Closing Time

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