I really don’t miss that 370km twice-a-week round-trip commute to Toronto that I did the first couple of years we were in Owen Sound – especially in the Winter. There were some very hairy times, but I managed to make it safely every time.
Winter Driving … Online jigsaw target time 7:15

Album of the Day:
Elvin Bishop & Little Smokey Smothers – That’s my Brother (2000)

The original Pigboy Crabshaw, Bishop learned everything about Blues guitar from Smokey Smothers before joining the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and they remained lifelong friends.

A live performance, this record of Chicago Blues shows the love between these guys.

Their version of “Little Red Rooster” is a standout, but my favourite track is the instrumental “Stomp” with its nod to the Bo Diddley beat.

I’ve decided that a pandemic is the perfect time to start a chain of unpretentious eateries designed for people of all tastes …

I’m opening a snack bar at the seaside … Rock & Roll
I’m opening a second snack bar at the seaside … Pop/Rock
I’m opening a snack bar with a creche … Shake, Rattle, and Roll

(I’m still working on the themes for Classical, Country, Jazz, Blues, and Soul.)

and for the non-peckish:
I’m opening a small kiosk selling large sheets of colourful paper … Rap.