Early Winter

Harrison Park 201201 … 37cm for our first snowfall of the season … Online jigsaw target time 7:13

Saint Andrew’s Day Special

This Sassenach knows that a scotch egg has little or nothing to do with Scotland*, but I couldn’t resist. I will be eating haggis for dinner as penance.
* see https://theculturetrip.com/europe/united-kingdom/england/articles/the-contentious-history-of-the-scotch-egg/

Raw Ingredients

Chicken and Pork … Online jigsaw target time 4:36

Cooked Celebratory S̶n̶a̶c̶k̶ ‘Substantial Meal’

Scotch Egg … Online jigsaw target time 4:29

Modern Menu Meal Mangling

Pork Wellington with Pomme Frites and a Tomato Reduction … Online jigsaw target time 4:40
source: https://twitter.com/frazzles_15/status/1310216636767571968

Heroes of the Blues

That’s my next playlist sorted …

New Compact Component System

After 20+ years, my JVC EX-TD5 stereo is feeling its age and starting to have intermittent issues.

After much online investigation I’ve found something I like for a price I can afford, got Jan’s approval, and ordered it from Bay Bloor Radio which has a good package price with some nice speakers. Yamaha CRX-N470 plus Totem KIN Monitor speakers.

This one covers all the bases for me – FM, support for internet radio and music streaming, Bluetooth, USB , CD player, turntable input.

I’m very excited!