Today’s album of the day is Man of the World by Peter Green

This compilation album – including both studio and live tracks from (the real!) Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers, Peter Green Splinter Group and solo work over 20 years – is a great way to sample some of Peter Green’s amazing guitar playing.

My favourite tracks:

  • Fast Talkin’ Woman Blues
  • Uranus
  • Walkin’ The Road

Another day another dolour, I’m in the mood for some Blues today and being fresh off my Stiff trip I thought I’d start with an English Bluesman. Eric Clapton or Peter Green? Not an easy choice, but I’ve come down on the side of Peter Green for today’s feature album. After all, BB King and John Mayall are big fans of his playing …

BB King said of Peter Green:

the only guitar player to make me sweat

John Mayall, in response to Mike Vernon inquiry “Where’s Eric Clapton?”, as he was about to produce the 1967 John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers album “A Hard Road”:

He’s not with us anymore, he left us a few weeks ago … Don’t worry, we got someone better.


I don’t know which came first, thinking about writing 12 Bars Blue or listening to Ian Dury’s New Boots and Panties on vinyl yesterday, but I seem to be in the mood for UK Pub Rock and New Wave music.

So today it’s been all Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe … ah, the second half of the ’70s when the albums were Stiff, not the knees!


Today’s album of the day is  Tracks on Wax 4 by Dave Edmunds

Released in 1978, this is the first Rockpile collaboration. As seems typical of Dave Edmunds material, there’s not a bad track on it.

My favourite tracks:

  • Not A Woman, Not A Child
  • What Looks Best On You
  • A.1. On The Jukebox


I’m trying an experiment …

It is beyond dispute that many of the highlights of my life appear to have happened in, or because of, my affinity for the pub. Before I forget absolutely everything, I’m going to jot down some these stories here.  Since music is almost as important as beer in a lot of these vignettes, and I can think of a dozen venues off the top of my head, I’ll post under the general category “12 Bars Blue“. Those bars that have a major part to play will be rewarded with their own sub-category.

Perhaps best described as “Reminiscences of times in pubs – the often warped story of my life in flashbacks“, these are all true, though I may change names and leave out some details to protect the innocent. Or the guilty. Or me. Fact, sometimes dressed up like fiction – I’d call it faction if it had anything to do with a clique that seeks power through intrigue, but that’s another story.

Some of the better stories will of course remain untold.


[UPDATE: Aug 10th, 2012]
Well, nothing came of that idea. Not in public, anyway.

I wasn’t happy with anything I wrote, so all of the stories will remain untold.

You’ll just have to sit me down in a pub and ply me with Guinness to hear the stories. Again.