I don’t know which came first, thinking about writing 12 Bars Blue or listening to Ian Dury’s New Boots and Panties on vinyl yesterday, but I seem to be in the mood for UK Pub Rock and New Wave music.

So today it’s been all Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe … ah, the second half of the ’70s when the albums were Stiff, not the knees!


Today’s album of the day is  Tracks on Wax 4 by Dave Edmunds

Released in 1978, this is the first Rockpile collaboration. As seems typical of Dave Edmunds material, there’s not a bad track on it.

My favourite tracks:

  • Not A Woman, Not A Child
  • What Looks Best On You
  • A.1. On The Jukebox


I’m trying an experiment …

It is beyond dispute that many of the highlights of my life appear to have happened in, or because of, my affinity for the pub. Before I forget absolutely everything, I’m going to jot down some these stories here.  Since music is almost as important as beer in a lot of these vignettes, and I can think of a dozen venues off the top of my head, I’ll post under the general category “12 Bars Blue“. Those bars that have a major part to play will be rewarded with their own sub-category.

Perhaps best described as “Reminiscences of times in pubs – the often warped story of my life in flashbacks“, these are all true, though I may change names and leave out some details to protect the innocent. Or the guilty. Or me. Fact, sometimes dressed up like fiction – I’d call it faction if it had anything to do with a clique that seeks power through intrigue, but that’s another story.

Some of the better stories will of course remain untold.


[UPDATE: Aug 10th, 2012]
Well, nothing came of that idea. Not in public, anyway.

I wasn’t happy with anything I wrote, so all of the stories will remain untold.

You’ll just have to sit me down in a pub and ply me with Guinness to hear the stories. Again.