Today’s album of the day is I Don’t Worry About a Thing by Mose Allison

Mose Allison is an American jazz blues pianist and singer that has influenced many artists in his long career. Georgie Fame is included in this assembly, and was my route for “finding” the original in the early sixties.

This album contains the first song I ever heard by Mose, and my favourite of all time – in that sequence below. Great lyrics!

My favourite tracks:

  • I Don’t Worry About a Thing
  • Your Mind Is On Vacation
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Today’s album of the day is Roots by The Gipsy Kings

Sons of Spanish Romani families, this French group plays a unique mix of flamenco, pop, and rumba. This was my solo dinner music tonight after a rummage in the freezer uncovered a frozen paella. Not exactly authentic, but tasty – like this music.

My favourite tracks:

  • Rhythmic
  • Tarantas
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The BBC reports that:

Australia’s highest court has upheld a new government law on mandatory packaging for cigarettes that removes brand colours and logos from packaging.
The law requires cigarettes to be sold in olive green packets, with graphic images warning of the consequences of smoking.

Another small step on the path to a world where I can breathe freely. C’mon Canada, let’s do one better in the battle to remove second hand smoke from our daily lives.


Sonny Rhodes is a journeyman Blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter who probably found his biggest audience singing The Ballad Of Serenity, the theme for 2002’s cult TV show Firefly. No particular album today, just a couple of my favourite tracks plus that song.

My choices:

  • Cigarette Blues
  • The Ballad Of Serenity
  • It’s Not Funny Any More
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