The Guardian reports on the unfortunate addition of a word in a quotation from Ulysses on the new €10 James Joyce collector coin. Too much lunchtime Guinness at the Central Bank of Ireland?

Personally, I’ve never managed to get very far with the book, but then I don’t sport a beret either.

Building a Better Future Since 1864” … this is not my idea of a better future.

CBC reports that The Royal Bank of Canada is replacing 45 IT system support staff with temporary workers from India. It is suggested that this is a pilot project, and hence the thin edge of the wedge. Corporate greed seems to be the only motive in this immoral, and probably illegal, move.

Having been called upon to correct problems caused by working with off-shore IT workers in the past, I am adamantly against this move.

I will be visiting the RBC offices in town this week to transfer my accounts to another bank.


Canadian workers for Canadian jobs! Whatever their origin.



The Atlantic features an in-depth review of a photograph released by North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) that looks to have been seriously modified.

I guess that Photoshopping images is a lot less trouble than building fake equipment out of wood and canvas as they did in World War II.



The Globe and Mail reports that The Canadian Institute for Health Information found that one in 200 seniors ended up in hospital because of problems relating to their medication in 2010-11.

Not that I think that the medical profession’s emphasis seems to be on selling expensive drugs rather than on the health of patients.

Personal Rant:

I’ve just fired my GP after repeated scrips for drugs that would cause me serious damage were caught by the dispensing pharmacist. A three minute “consultation” by a non-sympathetic quack who is little more than a shill for the drug companies just isn’t good enough.