Let’s see if The Owen Sound Sun Times prints my latest letter to the editor:
RE: Special Olympians load up on medals
By Alan Brand

Our family were very pleased to see the newspaper’s coverage of the local athletes at the 2012 Provincial Spring Games, right up to the point where we saw that you’d misspelt our daughter’s name. Amy is proud of her gold and silver medals, but very disappointed that the credit went to someone else. It’s AMY BRAND, not Amy Band.


The Guardian reports that the village of Dull in Perthshire, Scotland and the town of Boring, Oregon, USA are working on a plan to officially pair the two communities. Obvious, really.

Today’s albums of the day are Bootleg and Straight Up by Downchild Blues Band.

The Best Canadian Blues Band of All Time, Downchild were the house band at Grossman’s Tavern from ’68-’70 where I spent many happy evenings. One of the first musicians working to promote an active Blues scene, I believe that Donnie Walsh performed the same role in Canada as Alexis Korner in England.

One of the first independent albums to be released in Canada, Bootleg was recorded in two nights in 1971 in a small makeshift studio at Rochdale College.

Their second album, Straight Up, contains two of their biggest hits (see below)

Forty years on, these are still my favourite Downchild albums … Donnie’s guitar, Hock’s voice, and a tight band provide a magic sound.

The characters of Elwood and “Joliet” Jake Blues of The Blues Brothers’ Show Band and Revue were inspired by Downchild frontmen the Walsh brothers. Dan Aykroyd:

There would be no Blues Brothers if it weren’t for Downchild

I can’t believe that not one track from Bootleg is on YouTube, so I’ll jump to Straight Up.

My favourite tracks:

  • I’ve Got Everything I Need (Almost)
  • Flip Flop and Fly
    youtube     youtube


Today’s album of the day is Please Please Me by The Beatles

This debut album by a group of Scousers who went on to have some success was released in March, 1963.

Two dedications for this AotD:

  • Val, with whom I share memories-at-the-time of the first two selected tracks
  • Susan, who recently admitted that in her mind she’s still 17 and in love with Macca.
Reportedly recorded in three 3 hour sessions in under ten hours, the songs on this album have a wonderfully raw sound. Aside: I was listening to Arthur Alexander before The Beatles recorded Anna. So there!

Three tracks, two sung by my favourite Beatle, George, and one by Paul.

Selected tracks:

  • Chains
  • Do You Want To Know a Secret?
  • I Saw Her Standing There
youtube youtube youtube