Fantasy Garage

Fantasy Garage

Everyone who is interested in cars has a wish list, here’s my often changing Fantasy Garage.

Most of the cars on my list are not super-expensive exotics as found at the more pretentious auction houses – I like to keep my feet metaphorically on the ground while I’m dream-driving!

Regular Classic British Car posts appear on my Grey Brits blog, miscellaneous cars that I find appealing appear here under the category Cars.

1967 Jaguar 420 ... Oh, it's "Grace", I used to own this one.

1957 Morgan +4 4 seater

1947 Triumph 1800 Roadster

1959 Morris Minor Van ... my Elsie

1959 Morris Minor Van … my Elsie, as was.

1965 Mini Traveller with Acura RSX Type S VTEC Engine

1968 Rover P5B V8 Coupe

1966 Land-Rover Safari Station Wagon


More a memory than a fantasy - 1971 Mazda 1800 Estate - owned by Karen & me back in the day