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Letherslade Farm – Jigsaw

I inherited this album from somewhere and find it a bit of a hodgepodge though I do like the odd track. But what better band name for an online jigsaw than Jigsaw? On the Turntable Letherslade Farm – Jigsaw (1970)

Snow in Newfoundland

Here are some pictures from St John’s, Newfoundland yesterday … every hour from 06:30 am to 05:30pm

Jack Redux

Cockney Staircase

A cockney staircase: Apples … Online jigsaw target time 2:32 Pears … Online jigsaw target time 2:52

Leftover Christmas loaf

Just in case you didn’t totally pig out at Christmas and have lots of leftovers. Leftover Christmas loaf … Source – Guardian Food Online jigsaw target time 2:57   Leftover Christmas loaf   Author: Alan Brand Recipe type: Comfort food Cuisine: English