Author: AlanB

Snow in Newfoundland

Here are some pictures from St John’s, Newfoundland yesterday … every hour from 06:30 am to 05:30pm

Jack Redux

Cockney Staircase

A cockney staircase: Apples … Online jigsaw target time 2:32 Pears … Online jigsaw target time 2:52

Leftover Christmas loaf

Just in case you didn’t totally pig out at Christmas and have lots of leftovers. Leftover Christmas loaf … Source – Guardian Food Online jigsaw target time 2:57   Leftover Christmas loaf   Author: Alan Brand Recipe type: Comfort food Cuisine: English

Spraht Sarnie

I’ve been known to concoct some very odd sandwiches in my time, but I’ve never come up with something like this leftover brussels sprouts and walnuts offering. Source – Guardian Food … Online jigsaw target time 3:11