Author: AlanB

William Morris Red House

Just 3 miles from where I grew up, I used to cycle past here on my way to Danson Park when I was a lad. Taken over by the National Trust in 2003, it is now open to visitors []

Posh Fish n Chips

£32.50 ($53) is way more than a bit rich for my budget … Posh Fish n Chips … Source – The Guardian Online jigsaw target time 1:47

More Scale 1 to 1 Kits

More Scale 1:1 Kits for Ken, courtesy Anne Polizei Kit Scale 1:1 … Online jigsaw target time 1:43 Politie Kit Scale 1:1 … Online jigsaw target time 2:16 Armoured Wotsit Kit Scale 1:1 … Online jigsaw target time 2:02 Police

Keep Out

I’m feeling a bit grumpy since my “good” knee decided to misbehave beginning Friday evening. No sleep, more than sufficient pain, and even worse than usual mobility all conspire to make me poor company at the moment. Harrumph. Keep Out

Firetruck Kit Scale 1 to 1

Firetruck Kit (Scale 1:1) … Source – Reddit … As prompted by Ken Butler. Online jigsaw target time 3:30