Author: AlanB

Dreaming of Distant Places

Painting by Rob Rowland … Online jigsaw target time 3:21

The Elite Fish and Chip Shop

I remember huge queues at the chippie on a Friday night with great fondness … The Elite Fish and Chip Shop (1949) LS Lowry … Source – Guardian Online jigsaw target time 3:41

The Unsung Snug

There’s nothing as nice as an afternoon in the snug, it’s like having your own private pub. Quiet Snug in a Pub … Online jigsaw target time 5:58

Watch Fiasco

I’m trying to get a refund for a watch that doesn’t tell the time accurately and doesn’t fit on my wrist. The company are being less than helpful so far. Update 19 May 2020 – RESOLUTION Well, that was harder

Sausage Mash and Beans

Comfort food … Sausage Mash and Beans … Online jigsaw target time 2:43