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Full English Breakfast

A miserable and damp morning can only be improved by a Full English Breakfast … Terry’s Cafe. Borough … source: Time Out London Online jigsaw target time 6:20

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This one’s for Jan, who is an aficionado of the Ovis Aries. Sheep … source: Online jigsaw target time 8:04

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Some days

Some days are like that … source: Facebook – Atlas Obscura … Online jigsaw target time 6:10

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702 5th Street East

A quick and dirty post of the pictures from our new house real estate listing that has been taken down since the offer was accepted. Not our furniture!

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1955 Chevrolet Custom 210 Wagon

I’m only rarely drawn to American Classic Cars, but this ’55 Chevy Restomod just wants me to take it home … I’ve cleared it with Jan by promising weekly trips to the nearest IKEA every week in nice weather (360

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