Author: AlanB

New Compact Component System

After 20+ years, my JVC EX-TD5 stereo is feeling its age and starting to have intermittent issues. After much online investigation I’ve found something I like for a price I can afford, got Jan’s approval, and ordered it from Bay

Dauphine Electrics

Historical anecdote: Feel Good Cars was formed around the turn of the century to convert Renault Dauphines to electric power and market them as “Dauphine Electrics”. The company later became ZENN and sold a new model, a NEV (Neighborhood Electric

Dreaming of Distant Places

Painting by Rob Rowland … Online jigsaw target time 3:21

The Elite Fish and Chip Shop

I remember huge queues at the chippie on a Friday night with great fondness … The Elite Fish and Chip Shop (1949) LS Lowry … Source – Guardian Online jigsaw target time 3:41

The Unsung Snug

There’s nothing as nice as an afternoon in the snug, it’s like having your own private pub. Quiet Snug in a Pub … Online jigsaw target time 5:58